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Pest Control Services Victoria Tx

Pest control service at a reasonable price serving Victoria, Tx. and the surrounding crossroads areas. From pests like Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Fire Ants, Termites and everything in between, the Victoria, Tx crossroads area seems to have it, thats why professional pest control is so important for your family or business. Pests are always trying to gain entry into your home or commercial business. Pests and bugs do this for several reasons - food, water and shelter, and your home has these things readily available. Pests like bed bugs, ants, scorpions and termites never take a day off and are equal opportunity invaders. Bugs and pests aren't just a nuisance, they can also be a potential health threat.

When you call Austins Termite and Pest Control, you're not just calling a bug exterminator, but a certified pest control expert that uses enviromentally responsible methods to keep pests in control. We will identify common household pest threats in your home or business and determine the best pest control treatment method. Our pest control program is designed to create a pest free environment inside your home or business.

We at Austins Termite and Pest Control look forward to the opportunity to serve you in all your pest control needs. Austins Termite and Pest Control is affordably and competitively priced. Pest control price quotes are free.

Don't just call a bug exterminator, call "The Bug Authority", a professional pest control expert. Call (361)-571-8457 for a No Obligation, Free Termite or Pest Control Price Quote.

Lawn Pests and Weed Control

Austin's Termite and Pest Control has certified technicians to take care of the bugs that attack your lawn. Pests like Chinch Bugs and Grubworms that feed on the lawn you work so hard on to keep it looking nice. We also offer lawn fertilization and weed control to keep your lawns, storage / empty lots, and commercial properties looking good year round. Call (361)-571-8457 for a No Obligation, Free Price Quote.

Some of the Areas We Service

We are located in Victoria, Texas and serve the surrounding areas - Pt Lavaca Tx, Pt Oconnor Tx, Cuero Tx, Edna Tx, Yoakum Tx, Shinner Tx, Goliad Tx, Lolita Tx, Point Comfort Tx, Yorktown Tx, Bloomington Tx, and more.


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